Going Green

Going Green

We all know that there are harmful chemicals in cleaners and cigarettes but would you think there are harmful chemicals in your sunscreen? It is more common than you’d think, make sure that none of these harmful chemicals are in your sunscreen!

Oxybenzone is a particularly harmful. It has been known to absorb ultraviolet light. It also has hormones in it that can absorb into the skin and cause some people to be even more susceptible to cancer.

Retinyl Palmitate
This is another chemical that can cause users to be more susceptible to cancer. In Retinyl Palmitate this is caused by the Vitamin A that increases the speed of cancerous cells to develop and multiply.

Octocrylene is another chemical that can speed up the speed at which cancerous cells develop and multiply. This is caused by free radicals that make indirect damage to DNA.

Avobenzone not only absorbs ultraviolet rays but is one of the biggest free radical generators there are! Avobenzone can degrade in less than an hour and absorbs into the skin.

Thank goodness there are sunscreens that are mineral based, like Brush On Block. Brush On Block uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are well-known, naturally occurring minerals. Both minerals offer broad-spectrum, SPF 30 sunscreening action when used as directed, and provide some of the safest sun protection available. Buy your Brush On Block today!

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