How to Make the Most of Your Makeup

How to Make the Most of Your Makeup

Ladies, we all know how expensive makeup can be, and how annoying it can be to try to fit it all in your makeup bag when you want to travel. What you may not know, however, is that makeup is way more multifaceted than we give it credit for. Here are some tricks to use your makeup for more than its originally intended purpose.

Lipstick → Blush: Think of lipstick as a tube of thick cream blush. Take your lipstick and put 3 dots diagonally down each of your cheek bones, moving from just below your temple, to an inch away from your nose. Then, use your fingers to lightly blend it all together, using small circular motions. Voila! Your cheeks now have a perfect rosy glow.

Eye Shadow → Eye liner: Take your thin angled eyeshadow brush and dip it in water. After shaking off excess water, coat the bristles of the brush in eye shadow and apply it directly above your lash line (you may need to repetitively dip the brush in water and coat it in eyeshadow depending on how thick you like your eyeliner to be). Adding water to your eyeshadow makes it thicker, giving it an appearance similar to that of eyeliner!

Bronzer → Eye Shadow: Those of you who like neutral or earthy colored eyeshadow palettes will love this trick! Simply swirl your eyeshadow brush in your bronzer and apply it as you normally would to your eyelids. Just as bronzer can double as eyeshadow, some eyeshadows can double as bronzers. Just make sure your eye shadow is slightly darker than your skin tone and has just a slight shimmer to it.

Brush On Block → Translucent powder: Instead of spending excessive money on a translucent powder to set your foundation, you can use Brush On Block! Its soft, powdery consistency is almost identical to that of a translucent powder, but in addition to controlling shine and softening the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, Brush on Block also provides you with SPF 30 sun protection. This is the only versatile makeup product that will protect your face from harmful UV rays that not only damage your skin, but could lead to skin cancer!

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