5 Things You Don’t Have in Your Handbag, but Should

5 Things You Don’t Have in Your Handbag, but Should

Every woman has been there—she reaches into her handbag for a ringing phone and instead pulls out a receipt from 4 months ago, an escaped tic-tac and a ticket to a play she saw last year. None of these items are her still-buzzing phone, and none are particularly useful.

However, we have a few things you may not think to add to your handbag, but should. So, begin by cleaning out those old Sweet & Low packets (what are they doing there, anyway?) and slip these little-thought of necessities in there instead.

1. Sunscreen.

Most women wouldn’t think of tucking sunscreen into their handbag if it wasn’t July. However, we’re exposed to UV rays every time we step outside, year round. Sunscreen should be an item that’s you always have on hand.

Brush on Block

We like: Brush On Block. This broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral powder sunscreen is made to be portable, and provides full coverage in a natural mineral sun protection with a simple swipe. Because of its size, it fits easily in a handbag, and can also be applied over makeup. It’s also safe for kids, making it easy for you protect their skin from the sun every day as well.

2. Stain remover wipes.

How many times have you been on your way to work and spilled coffee all over your skirt when braking for the guy who just cut you off? Or accidentally dripped salad dressing on your button down during lunch? Stain remover wipes are a handbag necessity.

3. Dental floss or a mini toothbrush.

No one wants to run a meeting or mingle at a party with a poppy seed wedged between her two front teeth. Dash dental disasters with these tools for a brilliant smile.

4. Extra hair tie.

You never know when you might need to pull back your hair in a pinch—after getting caught in the rain or when the day turns unexpectedly humid. A hair tie is perfect for transforming a messy mane into a perfect pony.

5. Foldable flats.

If you usually don heels, you know the toll they can take on your feet. A lightweight pair of foldable flats to travel back and forth across town can make your day infinitely more comfortable. Plus, there are plenty of options that tuck into their own tiny sack, so they take up minimal space.

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