Beauty in Diversity: Skin Care for Every Ethnicity

Beauty in Diversity: Skin Care for Every Ethnicity


Diversity makes the world go ‘round. Our differences are what make each of us unique and special, and the same can be said for our skincare routines. People from all over the world have different skin colors, textures and characteristics, and pinpointing your skin’s needs will help you take care of it for a lifetime of vibrant, youthful looking skin. Below we’ve listed a variety of the most common skin types and how to best care for them. Note that no two people are the same, so these are generalized ideas. For an individualized skincare regimen, visit your dermatologist.
Caucasian or Northern European descent

  • Fair

  • Dry skin

  • Thin skin

  • Scars heal well

  • Signs of aging appear earlier 

  • Burn easily in the sun 

  • Bruising more obvious 

  • Greater chance of skin cancer 


  • Moisturize often to combat dryness and fight wrinkles

  • Wear sunscreen every day

  • Avoid over-exfoliation

Latino or Hispanic descent

  • Creamy, darker complexion

  • Oily skin

  • Signs of aging appear later 

  • Cartilage tends to droop 

  • Darker, thicker scars more common 

  • Wrinkles appear later and in more localized areas 

  • Skin cancer rare 


  • Seek out oil-free moisturizers and cleansers

  • Try aloe-vera gel for dark scars

  • Avoid harsh facial scrubs

African descent

  • Signs of aging appear very late 

  • Very little fine wrinkling 

  • Formation of keloids is possible 

  • Pigmentation changes may occur 

  • Thicker cartilage hard to change 

  • Skin cancers very rare 

  • Less susceptible to damage from UV radiation


  • Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser daily

  • Avoid facial scrubs (they stimulate oil production)

  • Use cleansing products with AHA or BHS to combat oiliness

  • Make sure your moisturizer is oil-free

Asian or Pacific descent

  • Signs of aging appear late 

  • Fine wrinkling does not usually occur 

  • Pigmentation changes may occur 

  • Skin cancers very rare 


  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen to prevent burning (even if skin cancers are rare)

  • Use a gentle facial cleanser daily

  • Moisturize daily

Most research suggests that skincare is color blind. Moisturizing, eating a healthy, skin-friendly diet, staying hydrated and using a top-notch sunscreen like Brush on Block are the best tools for fresh, glowing skin of any color. 

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