The Truth About Sleeping in Your Makeup

After a long day of work, meetings, cooking, cleaning, soccer practice or whatever else you do on a daily basis, it is tempting to fall into bed without completing your nighttime skin care ritual. You’ve probably heard it 1,000 times before, but sleeping in your make-up is very bad for your skin. Before you hit the sheets, take a look at these vital reasons to remove your make-up before bed.

It clogs your pores. Make-up holds on to dirt, oil and dead skin cells, which can clog pores and cause blackheads and major zits. Keeping your skin free of dirt and make-up keeps it looking smooth and clean.
It causes wrinkles and premature aging. Keeping your skin free of dirt and make-up keeps it looking smooth and clean. Many people use make-up as a way to make them look younger and hide imperfections, so it stands to reason that premature aging and wrinkles are not on your agenda. Sleeping in your make-up dehydrates your skin and causes the dryness that leads to fine lines and wrinkles.
It causes breakouts. Clogged pores and dryness leads to irritation and breakouts. Skin needs oxygen and moisture to look vibrant and healthy, and residual make-up can lead to flare-ups of small breakouts, acne and other skin conditions.
It breeds bacteria. Leftover eyeshadow can clog the oil glands and hair follicles on your eyelids and cause infections. When you do not remove your make-up, it mixes with the oil in your skin and causes infections.
It ruins your eyelashes. Many women work hard to have long, luscious lashes. However, sleeping in your mascara causes your lashes to become dry and brittle, which makes them prone to breaking. Also, mascara can get in your eyes during the night and cause irritation, and it can also flake off in the night and take some of your eyelashes with it. 

Be sure that you are taking care of your skin, day and night. One excellent way to protect your skin is by wearing a natural, mineral sunscreen like Brush On Block® Broad Spectrum SPF 30. This powdered sunscreen housed it a self-dispensing brush makes it easy to apply and reapply sunscreen.