School Survival: A Guide to Children's Skin and Rashes

School is back in full swing, and whether your kids are thrilled or mortified, they’re in for the long haul. While back-to-school season is filled with excitement, new friends and new possibilities, it also opens your kids up to a world of germs and potential illnesses. Keep yourself in-the-know with these tips and tricks for recognizing and treating common skin conditions and rashes that your kids might pick up at school.

An everyday rash can also be called dermatitis. Symptoms can include swelling, redness, bumps, blotches, redness, blisters, dry skin and itching. While many common rashes can be chocked up to a mild allergic reaction or irritation, when coupled with a fever they can become more serious. If your child comes home with hives and even a slight fever, seek medical attention as a precaution. Be especially cautious if a medical professional tells you the rash is the result of a food allergen, which will need to be avoided in the future.
Eczema is a common atopic rash children pick up at school and can cause red, scaly, swollen skin all over the body. Mild eczema can be treated with an anti-itch cream and moisturizer, but if the rash spreads or becomes larger, see your family doctor for a prescription medication.
Chicken pox—oftentimes a parent’s worst nightmare—is most often caught at school. Chicken pox are extremely contagious and cause blisters and dry, itchy scabs to cover the body. Most doctors will tell you that all you can do is treat the symptoms and let the infection pass, but if anyone in your home is seriously ill or pregnant, you can get a prescription drug to shorten the duration of the illness. For less severe infections, simply treat the itching with anti-itch cream and oatmeal baths,  avoid scratching, treat any fever with Motrin and be sure to keep your child home until all of the spots are completely gone.

Because children do have sensitive skin, they need to be protected from the sun, but it is best to avoid chemical sunscreens that can cause itchy rashes. Brush On Block® Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a natural, mineral powder sunscreen that is ideal for little ones. The soft self-dispensing brush even makes application a bit of tickly fun!