The Mom Bag: What Every Mom Should Always Have in Her Bag

Wake up, get dressed, dress kids, make breakfast, pack lunches, go to work, pick up kids, make dinner, soccer practice, homework, clean house, bath time, bedtime story, bedtime snack, lights out. Repeat.

Moms are the closest thing we have to real superheroes, and with that title comes the responsibility of always being prepared. A mom can really save the day by pulling exactly what is needed out of her bag of tricks.
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be 100 percent prepared all the time. In between dance classes and Boy Scout meetings, you are bound to forget something. However, you can be the Mary Poppins of mothers by keeping a well-stocked bag. We’ve compiled a detailed list of what every mom should always have in her bag—whether that’s an oversized purse, diaper bag or gym bag is up to you!
Cash. We seem to have gotten away from carrying cash because you can use your debit or credit card literally everywhere, but having $20 in emergency cash can really save the day. Whether you need it for tips, tolls or the vending machine, always carry a few dollars in cash.
Pain killers. Having a travel-size bottle of Advil or baby Tylenol in your purse can be a life saver. You never know when a killer headache will hit you or you’ll need it to soothe your baby. Either way, a headache can make or break your day.
Hand sanitizer or wipes. Whether you’re at the park, at the mall or sitting on the bleachers during football practice, germs and dirt are everywhere. Supermoms always have hand sanitizing liquid or wipes in their purse. They are perfect for using in bathrooms that don’t have paper towels or to wipe down your child after they had caramel with their apple slices for lunch.
Band-Aids. Moms are always on high alert when their children get hurt. By always having a bandage handy, you will never have to fret about a cut or scrape.
Hair ties. Life with kids can be crazy. Sometimes we get the idea to curl or straighten our hair for the first time in months, only to want to pull it all out 20 minutes later. Make sure you always have a spare hair tie in your bag.
Pen and paper. Entertaining your kids can be as simple as a pen and paper. Keep them busy on long car trips or in restaurants by always having something to scribble on in your bag. Plus, it’ll be handy for quick to-do or shopping lists!
Snacks. This one may sound strange, but keeping something nonperishable like a granola bar, fruit gummies or nuts in your bag can benefit both you and your children. When hunger strikes at work but your lunchtime isn’t for another hour or your kids absolutely cannot make it to the next exit on the Interstate, a quick snack really comes in handy.

Sunblock. All skin is sensitive to the sun’s rays but your child’s skin is especially delicate. Even as it gets colder, it is important to make sunscreen part of your daily routine, so keeping Brush On Block​ in your bag is a great idea. Plus, it is easy to apply and won’t burn little eyes.