Flying South for the Winter: Best Destinations for a Winter Getaway

Now that the holidays have come to an end, many people develop seasonal depression. Winter becomes an endless blur of cold, gray days, and work and responsibilities seem to drone on with nothing to look forward to. If you are sitting at your desk daydreaming of crashing waves and the sun on your skin, make your dreams a reality with these destinations for the perfect winter getaway.

Local: U.S. Beaches
The U.S. has more than 12,000 miles of coastline, which means beaches abound! If your winter reprieve needs to be a road trip or a quick weekend getaway, head to the nearest beach for a taste of summer.
Scenic: National Parks
If your winter blues stem from boredom more than the cold, consider taking a trip to one of the United States’ amazing National Parks. Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite—no matter which one you choose, these magnificent landscapes will take your breath away no matter which season you choose to visit in. 
Tourist: Los Angeles, California
L.A. boasts some of the warmest winter temperatures in the U.S. Go shopping on Rodeo Drive, visit Disneyland, see the sights of Hollywood and make a pit stop at Venice Beach to put a little pep in your step!
International: Jamaica
If you are looking to escape the continental U.S. altogether, consider booking a trip to Jamaica. Whether you’re hopping a plane or boarding a cruise ship, the relaxing island feel and mellow vibes of Jamaica are perfect for getting that touch of sun and sand you crave.
Whether you’re sunning in Jamaica or hiking in Yellowstone, don’t forget to pack your Brush On Block! The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide offer SPF 30 protection, and the green tea leaf extract and safflower seed oil will moisturize and prevent inflammation and irritation so your winter getaway will be nothing but relaxing!