Dos and Don'ts of Department Store Makeovers

Depending on the day of the week, you can walk into almost any department store that has a makeup counter and get a free makeover. Sales associates will show you a full range of products, from moisturizers and foundations to mascara and lipstick. This is a great way to try new colors and brands before making an expensive purchase. While this may sound like a dream come true, be aware of these dos and don’ts to protect your look and your skin!

Do tell the makeup artist about your personal preferences in regard to makeup as well as any looks you’ve wanted to try. If you prefer a more natural look, you want to make sure the associate knows this or you may go home with a full-face of makeup ready for a night on the town. Also use this opportunity to get a tutorial on looks you love but have trouble executing like a smoky eye, red lip or cat eye.
Don’t let the person applying your makeup use any brushes on your skin until you confirm they’ve been cleaned. Sharing makeup brushes (and makeup in general) can spread germs that lead to breakouts. Confirm that the store is using sanitary measures before agreeing to your free makeover.
Do consider making a small purchase after your makeover. If the person applying your makeup works on commission, consider purchasing something after they have spent their time focusing on you, and were unable to help other customers. If you love your look, you may be considering a larger purchase, but if you’re still not sure, honor etiquette by making a small purchase.
Do wash your face at the end of the day. Department store makeovers can make you feel really good, especially since most women say they can never get their makeup to look as good as when someone else does it. While it may be tempting to carry that residual makeup into the next day, wash your face! Sleeping in your makeup clogs pores, causes premature aging, causes breakouts, breeds bacteria and ruins your eyelashes. 

Do finish your makeup application with Brush On Block! This natural, mineral powder sunscreen with SPF 30 goes over your makeup like a finishing powder. Best of all, Brush On Block is easy to reapply, keeping you protected from the sun's damaging rays.